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Before IMS i had hit an all time low in my life. I was gaining weight (an average of 10lbs a month) and eating very little if at all some days because i was so depressed, exhausted and in pain. I could actually feel myself physically dying and yet no one could figure out what to do about it but put me on more anti-depressants that weren’t working, more thyroid medication that still left me with all the symptoms, more sleeping pills, and more diabetes medication to control my ever growing weight. I was beating a dead horse over and over again. One day, last December i was so depressed and convinced that i was dying that i couldn’t concentrate during a business meeting i had downtown. People were talking and i just felt like i was part of a dream, stepping outside of myself. I was literally looking at the tops of all the buildings downtown to see which one was the highest one to jump off to my death. I excused myself, walked out crying. Somehow, i willed myself to get to the parking garage and call the ims number i had been carrying around in my wallet for eternity. That phone call literally saved my life. The staff was so attentive and helpful and compassionate. For once, a medical staff was not looking at me as a lost cause but had a look of hope and determination to get me well. That was only 2 months ago. Since then my energy levels are coming back stronger and stronger each day. I haven’t had that in years. My weight, although still with me for now has somewhat leveled off. I sleep great! I have clarity and focus. My son and daughter in law came to see me from out of state this past week with by beautiful granddaughter. I had enough energy to put in a hard days work and come home to play with my granddaughter for hours on end. Now that is a gift i would not be able to enjoy if it were not for IMS!

Look, if you are having doubts, if fear is holding you back you really have nothing to lose but fear… It was the best decision i have ever made for my well being. Give them a chance. The only thing i truly regret is that i didn’t make that phone call the first time i was given the opportunity. Trust the process. Do what they tell you and watch yourself become who you want to be. Who you remember being. Then write your own testimonial…

Words will never be able to express how grateful i am for all my IMS friends
-Dawn Nilles

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“Before IMS I was tired, depressed, had digestive problems, fatigued and couldn’t sleep at night. 4 months later and I have more energy, not depressed, sleep better, and fewer digestive problems.”

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“I am so thankful for finding IMS. Before I was tired all the time, IBS was every meal, I was depressed and no will or hope. Normal doctors gave me no relief. Now I have goals, hope and will to live. Dr. Kenyon gave me the hope I needed to not only live but not let my illness take over my life.”
- Deborah B

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I’m normally much more of a critique and rarely give anything including my favorite movies a five star rating so you know I’m an enthusiast for the quality of care at Innovative Medical Solutions. I’ve been sick for most of life and in the past few years my disease has progressively gotten worse, to the point where I could no longer hold a job, I was on the verge of filing for disability. And even when I look back I know, I realize that it is why I received bad grades in school even though I studied hard and got more than plenty sleep for a normal person. I quit taking martial arts because I didn’t have the energy to proceed, I quit exercising, I quit taking drum lessons and pretty much everything I enjoyed before. I was ready to give up on life completely when I heard about this place. I’ve only been going to IMS for a month and already I see and feel a tremendous improvement in my quality of life. I went from sleeping 10-12 hours a night and still waking up in the morning exhausted, with a splitting migraine, and at times so nauseous and in so much pain radiating from my abdomen that I had to lay in the fetal position sometimes for hours at a time. I wouldn’t do anything, I would frequently cancel my plans and eventually became a couch potato because I was afraid to have an attack of nausea and stomach pain while I was out because I would often have to pull over to the side of the road, take a shot of pepto and wait for the pain and sickness to subside. Even with all of these debilitating symptoms I was turned away from numerous doctors with the explanation of, “Your thyroid levels are normal so it must be I’m your head”. I know the mind can be a powerful force but this much pain, sickness and fatigue cannot simply be a matter of mind over matter! After just a single month of treatment through IMS I now wake rested after just 6-8 hours of sleep. Where as I used to get winded simply walking outside to my vehicle I am now able to run a full quarter mile and gaining stamina and motivation every day. Innovative Medical Solutions and it’s great staff has given me my life back and I simply can’t thank them enough! Nor can I wait to look back a year from now and see how far I have come in the progression of my overall health. At my last appointment the nurse at the front desk didn’t even recognize me at first where as I normally don’t even have to give them my name, because I had made such a tremendous physical improvement. I love how personal they are in their method of treatment and how they remember every patient on a personal level. I simply can’t begin to image how much better I’ll feel a year from now when I already feel this much better after only a month of treatment. I just wish their was something I could do to repay everyone at Innovative Medical Solutions for everything they’ve done for me! Thank you all for giving me my life back, and I will continue to look forward to the next step of my treatment.
– Scott

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“I am feeling more energetic and happy. My family says I am in a better mood now. I am so happy that I have the energy to do things around the house and workouts. I was staying in my room a lot before because I did not want to upset anyone. Now I am back to laughing and singing around the house again.” Felicia C

“Before I started I felt tired, bloated, and depressed all the time with major memory loss and foggy thinking. Now I can sleep better, have lost weight, and all of my stomach issues have subsided. I can think Better during the day.”
- Tiffany C

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veda-estep“Before I came here, I was so tired all of the time. I couldn’t focus on things. I felt like I had no control. Since coming here I no longer fall asleep coming and going to work! My energy level is much better and I have lost a few pounds. I’m starting to feel like my old self again! Great People to work with!”
- Veda E

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“I felt like I was dying. That is the honest to God truth. I needed help and needed it fast. I was off because I was feeling so bad, so I turned on the TV to watch Talk of the Town when I saw the advertisement for IMS. I told my wife I have to go there. I called and they made me an appointment. I came in and they are the answer to my prayer. In a few short visits I am feeling like my old self. I have so very much to thank these wonderful folks for. God Bless you all because he has truly blessed me through you all. Thanks so much.”
- Dr. Arthur W Jones

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“I feel absolutely wonderful now compared to the way I felt when I first started at IMS. I was skeptical that I really could feel good again, sleep better, and have less aches and pains or lose any weight, but not now. I have enjoyed the journey and look forward to what’s ahead. It can only get better from here!”
-Sherri L

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*Results May Vary

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