Reverse your Type II Diabetes in Franklin, Tennessee

gff We have spent countless hours helping patients suffering from Diabetes and scouring the earth to find the very best and the most innovative advances in helping diabetics solve these problems.

 Do you experience or feel like one or more of the following things?

  •  Can’t control your blood sugars no matter what you do

  •  Your medications increase over time in an attempt to maintain blood sugar control

  •  Want to exercise and play with your children or grandchildren but don’t have the energy

  •  Can’t lose weight no matter how hard you try or how little you eat

  •  Higher blood sugars in the morning than any other time of day

  •  Would like to eat better but no one has given you specifics on how or what to eat

  •  Tried diabetic diets but they don’t work for you

  •  You have sleep problems

  •  You feel like you are in a “mental fog” most of the time

  •  Are you confused as to why you have lost weight or are already thin and still can’t control your blood sugars

  •  Your disease has damaged your body to the point where you have developed neuropathy

  •  Would you like to increase your health so that your dependency on prescription medications would decrease but don’t know how?

The problem for the majority of Type II Diabetics is that insulin resistance has set in… this basically means that your body has lost the ability to use insulin correctly.

Diabetic medications typically just treat the symptom of high blood sugar but fail to address the underlying cause or causes as to why you have type II diabetes. It’s impossible for medications to address these causes because there are so many different causes to insulin resistance and these causes are unique to each individual.

Six Things You May Not Know About Diabetes

1. Type II Diabetes Is NOT Genetic In Most Cases

You can have the genetic potential to develop Type II Diabetes, but other factors such as lifestyle choices, ability to handle stress, infections, hormones, gut function, iron levels, systemic inflammation, immune system, thyroid, diet, exercise, etc. can determine whether or not you express that genetic potential and to what extent the disease will affect you. The idea that genetics alone causes diabetes has led many doctors and people with Type II Diabetes to have give-up-attitudes towards the treatment of Type II Diabetes. “You’re mother and father have diabetes so it’s no surprise that you now have it.” This point of view is not only a very outdated way of thinking, but is extremely dangerous because it limits your possibilities for treatment and healing. According to (Manolio et al. 2010), only 6% of Type II Diabetes can be explained by heritable factors. That study suggests that 94% of Type II Diabetics suffer with the disease not because of their genes, but because of their environment!

A study from Denmark has found that the risk of Type II Diabetes does not differ between identical and non-identical twins (Petersen et al. 2011). The environment, including the prenatal environment, is shared by both twins, if they are raised together, except that they may be exposed to different environmental factors during life. For example, one might get a virus but the other does not. Essentially Type II Diabetes is caused more by your environment than by your genetics. That’s good news because you can change your environmental factors with knowledge. Did you notice that the research on this subject is relatively new? So, if anyone tells you you’re diabetic because of your family, you can now correct their outdated view of the disease.

2. Type II Diabetes Can Be Reversible
The people who believe it to be irreversible have given up on you. They have forgotten the amazing wisdom of the body—that the body can and does heal itself if given the right tools and circumstances. When you get a cut, doesn’t your body heal itself? This point of view leads people to continually take expensive diabetic drugs with the potential for side effects. Not to mention all the high blood pressure and cholesterol lowering drugs that many diabetics end up on, and when those all fail you will get insulin.

3. Prescription Drugs Are Not The Cure For Diabetes

They are designed to control the symptom of high blood sugar, not treat the underlying factors that cause it.

4. All Doctors Do Not Know The Same Things About Type II Diabetes

It is impossible for every doctor to know everything about every condition. There are very few doctors who see multiple kinds of diabetics in large numbers.

5. Many Organs Contribute To Blood Sugar Control Or Lack Thereof

The four main organs that play a role in regulation of blood sugar and therefore play a role in your diabetes are: Your Liver, Pancreas, Adrenal Glands, and Thyroid. Have you ever had these organs evaluated or tested to find out how they are impacting your disease?


The Doctor’s and staff at Innovative Medical Solutions will help you find out and understand why. We will spend the time to listen to all of your concerns and be thorough. We will put it all together for you and make it easy to understand. We will not just tell you that prescription medications are your only option.

Contact us now for a consultation to find out if you are a good candidate for care.

Type II Diabetes Testimonial

““I’m sleeping better, AlC is 5.7 and my blood sugar is 110 3 times a day average. I have more energy and feel almost like my old self. Hard not to feel better with all the good staff here.”
Randal W

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