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Welcome to Innovative Medical Solutions. We strive to provide a unique combination of services for comprehensive non-surgical pain relief. Just what does that mean? We use an integrated approach. An integrated approach is one that uses a multitude of different doctors and treatments with varied backgrounds of training all working together.

We Care.

IMS is a different kind of healthcare provider. We recognize that there are many people in our community in need of additional care. Don't suffer because your current health care rountine may not be enough.

We Listen.

We focus on how your entire body is operating. This approach enables us to give you the best possible fighting chance in a world full of disease, and help you achieve true health from within.

We Can Help.

Our staff has been trained by many of the top clinicians and researchers across the country. This training allows us to integrate some of the latest healthcare advances to improve your health.


Revolutionary Nutritional Breakthrough

Over 300 of the Earth’s finest natural ingredients. You can’t buy a better multivitamin, multi-mineral whole food supplement for nutritional support!


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Thyroid Problems?

We have many patients who come to our office every week seeking help. Some of you have been diagnosed with a  thyroid problem, put on medication yet continue to suffer with thyroid symptoms. Others know that you have all of the  symptoms that add up to a thyroid problem yet when your doctor checks your thyroid levels, everything looks normal.

Pain Relief

OuInnovative Medical Solutions offers an all-natural, non-surgical option to relieve knee pain. If you suffer with knee/joint pain or osteoarthritis, there is no better time to restore your lifestyle and take control of your pain.

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Our Patients Speak

Innovative Medical Solutions has been helping people in pain in the Franklin Tennessee area for many years. Our new technologies and innovative treatments can put you back on the path of the healthy lifestyle that you deserve. Our patients success stories and videos are real people that had real pain from Back Pain, Neck pain, Neuropathy Pain, numbness and tingling in the hands and or feet.



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